Motorola RAZR M 201M (Japanese, Softbank)

Motorola RAZR M 201M (Japanese, Softbank)

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Motorola RAZR M 201M



Japanese but displays in english. The plug on the charger is a Japanese two pin.



The phone is locked to the Japanese Softbank network, I took it to a local shop to get it unlocked but they were unable to but whether this is because it was just beyond their ability or whether it is because it can’t be unlocked by anyone I do not know.



Still boxed. I had this when I lived in Japan and only used it for about 4 months. I had a screen protector (now removed) and a rubber back cover on (included) on since I bought it so the screen and back are in great condition, there is just some minor signs of use around the edges but over its still in very good condition.

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