Samsung Galaxy J5 (2016) J510FN – White – Faulty (Spares or Repairs)

Samsung Galaxy J5 (2016) J510FN - White - Faulty (Spares or Repairs)

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Samsung Galaxy J5 (2016) J510FN – White – Faulty (Spares orRepairs)IMEI: 356372086568378Description: The Device turns on and holds charge. It loads to theOS, we are able to navigate effectively. We connected to WiFi and ran a googlesearch. The Screen is cracked at the top. The Display seems to work fine. The Touch seems to work fine, we are able to navigatethrough the menu’s fine, but it is not fully tested. The Frame is in good condition, with minor wear andtear. The back is in good condition with minor wear andtear.  Please refer to the picture. The buttons all seem to work fine, including the touch buttons at thebottom. The camera seems to work. To the best of our knowledge the device is notblacklisted.Network:Unknown               THIS LISTING IS FORTECHNICAL BUYERS, WHO HAVE EXPERIENCE AND KNOWLEDGE IN ELECTRONIC TESTING ANDREPAIRS. THESE DEVICES ARE NOT FULLY TESTED AND ARE SOLD SO THAT THEY CAN BETESTED TO SEE WHAT, IF ANYTHING IS SALVAGABLE. We buy these devices in Job Lots and do not know therehistory, they may have been used for parts previously  and as such; Any number, if not all, of thefollowing parts may be broken, unusable or missing;Screen, LCD, Digitiser, Battery, Frame, Housing sections, BackCase, SD holder, Sim card holder, Front and Rear Camera, Headphone Jack,Flashlight, Battery Pins, Cables and Ribbon Connections, Speaker, Microphone,Charging/USB port, Buttons and the Motherboard (including the Processor,Memory, Wi-Fi adapter, network adapter, IC, Transceiver, Proximity sensor)We provide clear photos so you can see for yourself what isthere and what is missing, if there is anything specific you would like toknow, please get in touch and we can do our best to help.The following description should only be taken at face valueand does not override what has already been stated, please be aware that faultscan be intermittent and we cannot guarantee the phone will arrive exactly asdescribed, although we will not remove any parts or look to change thecondition of the device in any way.Sign up to ournewsletter to receive updates on new stock; as well as an exclusive discountcode only available to subscribers.

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