Sony Xperia XA1 32GB White (CHECK DESCRIPTION)

Sony Xperia XA1 32GB White (CHECK DESCRIPTION)

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This listing is a White 32GB Sony Xperia XA1. I’ve had this phone since September 2017 and I bought it new.

The phone has a problem and that’s the reason for the price to be lower than another used XA1. The right side of the screen is unreactive (it works but you have to be patient for it to function normally) and its very difficult to use certain keys on the keyboard (such as P) and to swipe down the notification bar is almost impossible. However the left/middle side of the screen works normally without any issues.

According to Sony the problem is easy to fix and they also have a two year warranty for their Xperia devices. The phones warranty finishes at: 18/09/2019

However, dispite the Problems of the screen this phone functions fantastically. The performance of this phone is very good and its very quick. The phone has a great 23MP camera wich is one of the best in the market. This phone originally came with Android 7.0 however it got upgraded to 8.0 it still performs the same. If the phone didn’t have the touch screen issue it would’ve been a amazing phone, one of my favourite phones till this day.

The phone is aesthetically in good condition with no disfunctions. However I would recommend to use a case as the back of the phone could be easily scratched.

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